Vaporesso Renova ZERO Pod kit

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Vaporesso Renova ZERO Pod kit

Just like a tiny atom can amazingly produce so much energy, the cute Vaporesso Zero pod kit has an astonishingly amount of power for such a tiny vaporiser. “It’s got so much flavour and smoothness", "It’s so portable", "It is a must-have, travel companion,” fans say. 

Built In Battery

Mouth To Lung Vaping

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Whats in the box:

- Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod Kit

- 1 x Mesh 1.0ohm Pod

- 1 x Ccel 1.3ohm Pod

- Type C USB charger cable

- User manual



- Dimensions: 80.2mm x 31mm x 13.5mm

- 2ml pod capacity

- 650mAh internal battery

- Output: 9-12W

- Refillable pod system


Sub-ohmers may not favour pod kits but agree this is the nearest pod vape one can get to Direct Lung vaping.” It is so tiny and compact; it can pop in anywhere for use as a great backup vaporiser, converted lovers of sub-ohm vaping confesses. Then too it is a long-lasting pod and is perfect for those wanting ‘high-nic’ hits.



The Zero Pod’s minute size makes it so easy so have a stealth vape, especially since the pod uses draw activated vaping that delivers less vapour production. It’s stylish, attractive and perfectly discreet for ‘on-the-go; and ‘on-the-sly’ vapers are favourite comments. Not only that, vaping newbies add that it does the trick for those wanting to stop smoking.

This pod kit has been highly rated on many websites for its excellent build quality, it has ‘no leaks’, good magnets keeping the pods secure, it’s an easy-to-fill pod, very portable and fast-charging with delicious flavours - “just fill and go…” 

The OMNI Board Mini has been praised by reviewers for its “cutting-edge technology”. One can choose from three power modes and several intelligent settings, including safety-protection measures.


The cute device, which looks like a shiny, bright and fat cigarette lighter, has a wide appeal as it comes in around 12 super colours, ranging from plain black to rainbow and an extra plus is its great design.

It has a zinc alloy chassis which makes it not only durable, but elegant looking too. It is rated as being an intelligent standout from the crowd of pods out there, compact and reliable. 

Replacement Pod:

The flavours and tastes are fantastic, fans testify, and the unique vaping experience is owing to Vaporesso’s signature CCELL extra mesh ceramic coil. 

The coil cannot be changed. You have to buy a new re-fillable pod, which contains a 1.0 Ohm ceramic coil, suitable for MTL. But one need have no fear of a burning taste when the coil has had its day. 

There is a temp control to prevent the coil burning when low on juice. The OMNI board mini has dry hit protection and safety features making the pod super-safe.

It is extremely easy to operate with its highly functional, one button for on and off that enables one to also switch between different modes and choose the wattage preferred.

Internal battery:

The 650mAh integrated battery definitely gives it a good power output and the device fires well for its tiny size.  Vapers can have a full day’s vape when vaping moderately, but naturally less hours for chain-vapers. 

Charging is fast at below 45 minutes and the colourful LED light alerts users to the power and battery levels. They can easily see when it’s time to recharge. One can also vape while charging.

The mod is made of chemical-free plastic and the pod mod mouthpiece is also made of hard plastic, which is perfectly shaped for putting between the lips and is comfortable in the mouth.

The pod is transparent, enabling vapers to easily check the level of juice in the easy re-fillable, 2ml tank.


How long does a Renova ZERO pod battery last?

A Renova ZERO pod (650 mAh) battery is designed to last for up to a full day for moderate vaping and takes only 45 minutes to charge.

Is the Renova ZERO Pod Kit suitable for beginners?

The all-in-one, easy-to-use and easy-filling advantages of Renova ZERO Pod Kit make it a suitable and popular choice for legal-age beginners and experienced vapers.

The perfect travel companion, due to its petite size and almighty power, this cutting-edge pod kit is the nearest pod vape one can get to a direct lung-style of vaping.

The Renova ZERO Pod Kit is a 2ml refillable pod kit system that features zinc-alloy construction, 650mAh battery, Ccell coil mesh pod technology of 1ohm coil resistance and variable wattage of 9-12 watts.   

The Renova ZERO Pod Kit offers dry-hit protection via the OMNI board mini and other safety protections, such as auto temperature control.

The chemical-free plastic of the mod is also transparent, enabling vapers to easily assess vape juice levels.

Can I leave juice in my vape overnight?

At the end of the day, you are free to leave your e-juice in your tank for as long as you want and not experience any issues. However, if you are putting your vape into storage, it is not advisable to leave juice in your vape.

To achieve the freshest flavour, you should rinse your vape under warm running water every two to three days and allow to airdry before refiling.  

What is the difference between pod and vape?

Touted as the “happy medium” between an electronic cigarette device and vape pen, pod mods have several differences to vapes. Firstly, they are compact, highly portable e-cigarette cartridges that are designed to work specifically with pod vape systems. Not only do pods retain e-liquid, but they also feature the components, such as an atomiser, heating coil and wick, to heat and transform the e-liquid into vapour.   

Pod systems are also designed as an extra backup pod, given their ready-assembled, mini size/mighty power and grab-and-go capabilities.