Innokin are leaders in high-quality, durable vape devices and vape kits for beginners and long-time vape users. Vape Store stock a great selection of Innokin vape products to discover, including starter kits, vape pens, pods, tanks, replacement coils and parts.

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How Well Do Innokin Vapes Perform?

The Innokin brand is praised by vape users worldwide for their stylish designs, durability and commitment to quality which makes for a reliable vaping experience. Many new vape users start with Innokin thanks to their user-friendly starter kits. The kits are one of the most popular vaping products on the market and for very good reason. They’re expertly designed to provide supreme airflow with maximum flavour and vapour, plus have great battery life and are easy to use.

Vape Store stock an impressive range of Innokin vape in Australia. Shop our Innokin Coolfire line with Zlide tanks, the Jem Pen kit for a small design with a big flavour hit, and our pod kits, including the Innokin Gala line and Innokin EQ.


How Long Do Innokin Coils Last?

Vape coils are an essential component for a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. They consist of a wick and a wire that works together to soak up the vape juice and heat it so that it’s ready to be inhaled. Coils are temporary and designed to be replaced due to the constant heating, cooling and re-heating which will eventually burn it out.

The amount of time it takes for a vape coil to need replacing depends on a number of factors, including which device you’re using, your choice of vape juice, your usage and how well you treat your vape device. You can expect most Innokin vape coils to last you between one to two weeks if you use it frequently. If you prefer to vape less, than you can expect coils to last you up to one month before they stop working.

Of course, your Innokin coils can be changed as often as you like and for many different reasons, including:

1. You detect a burnt taste while vaping

2. You hear a gurgling sound while vaping

3. You’re not getting enough flavour

4. You have less vapour output

You can shop our quality Innokin replacement coils online at Vape Store today with free postage Australia-wide over $75.


What Is the Best Mouth to Lung Vape?

Mouth to lung vaping is a great beginner technique that entails inhaling vapour from your device into the mouth first, then into the lungs. It makes a popular transition from smoking to vaping.

Our Innokin Endura kits offer the best MTL experience. The Innokin Endura T18 Vape Kit comes with everything you need to start vaping, including a compact pen style device with a long-lasting battery, replacement coil and stainless-steel tank that delivers incredible flavour and vapour. Just fill with your favourite e-juice and go!


How Do I Refill My Innokin Vape?

When you need to refill your Innokin vape tank, follow these simple instructions:

1. Hold the clearomiser in an upright position

2. Carefully remove the cap

3. Choose your favourite e-liquid and pour inside, against the inner wall

4. Avoid the airflow hole and don’t overfill

5. Replace cap and wait 5 minutes before inhaling

To discover a better vaping experience, shop Innokin in Australia at Vape Store today.